• Claims for violation of federal civil rights laws (42 USC §1983) against various government entities and employees.
  • Claims for violation of state civil rights laws (Unruh Act, Ralph Act & Bane Act) against various public and private defendants.
  • Excessive force claims against a police department, involving officer conduct following a high speed vehicle pursuit.
  • FEHA claims for housing discrimination on various grounds, asserted against a variety of property owners and property management companies.
  • Claims against school districts for violation of students’ civil rights under state and federal law.
  • Quo warranto claim for removal of a city official for misconduct in office.
  • Qui tam action by an insurance company against healthcare businesses involved in worker’s compensation fraud.
  • Claims for invasion of privacy, unauthorized disclosure of personal information, discrimination, and federal civil rights violations by a public employee.
  • Claims under federal and state law for failure to provide proper medical care to county jail inmates.
  • Claim against a public prosecutor for malicious and discriminatory prosecution.​
  • Various ADA and disability access claims against private businesses.

Hon. Michael Johnson(Ret.)

Mediator • Arbitrator • Referee