Hon. Michael Johnson(Ret.)

Mediator • Arbitrator • Referee

  • Dispute between Plaintiff property owner and Defendant billboard company that operated a billboard on Plaintiff’s property.  Plaintiff claimed breach of the lease and operative agreement and continued operation of the billboard after the agreement’s termination.  Plaintiff asserted causes of action for breach of contract, bad faith, and trespass.

  • Action by 90 residents of a mobile home park against the park owner, landlord, employees, and security personnel.  Plaintiffs alleged 20 claims including violations of mobile home residency laws (failure to maintain common areas, unlawful billing practices), nuisance, racial and national origin discrimination, retaliation, trespass, battery, and breach of lease.
  • Landlord tenant commercial dispute.  Tenant claimed landlord refused in bad faith to approve assignment/sublet to purchaser of tenant’s store, resulting in lost sale and damage to business.
  • ​​Estate sued to cancel deed and return property, claiming fraud and forgery, with related claims for loss of property income and damages.  Cross-claim by purchaser for bona fide purchaser and cost of improvements.  Cross-claim by lender for bona fide encumbrancer and fraud against purchaser.