Hon. Michael Johnson(Ret.)

Mediator • Arbitrator • Referee

  • ​Wage and hour claims by four employees of a personal spa.  Plaintiffs claimed that Defendant improperly handled and accounted for tips by customers.
  • ​Wage and hour class action and PAGA action by transportation employees against the employer and alleged joint employer that contracted for transport services.  Plaintiffs claimed misclassification and entitlement to overtime, meal and rest periods, other compensation, and PAGA penalties.
  • Claims by agency operators for a car rental chain.  Plaintiffs asserted employee status, misclassification, and entitlement to overtime and other employment benefits.​
  • Multiple cases involving wage and hour claims (misclassification, minimum wage, overtime, rest periods and meal breaks) against a variety of employers – restaurants, security companies, manufacturers, personal services, construction, home care health services, car rental, car repair and service, and household services.
  • Multiple cases involving PAGA wage and hour claims against a variety of employers.
  • Class action by managers and assistant managers against a property and rental management company, claiming misclassification and failure to pay minimum wage and overtime and failure to provide rest periods and meal breaks.
  • Class action by assistant managers against a chain of retail bookstores, claiming misclassification, failure to pay overtime, and failure to provide rest periods and meal breaks.​
  • Class action by insurance company customer service representatives, claiming the company’s log in and log out procedures deprived them of pay and overtime.